IRT is an innovative start-up that has set out to revolutionize the Outsourcing industry. With years of experience providing services in the Financial, Engineering and Health Care, we are confident in our ability to provide your organisation with exceptional solutions to fuel your growth in the most challenging industries.

With operations in New York, London and Sydney, we are a truly global organization capable of tackling the the challenges of intricate business tasks. We are your partners in cost-effective, robust and efficient growth.

The iRT Difference.

Cost Effectiveness

We perform a business process at lower costs or save the company money in other ways, such as in tax savings.

Flexibility in Work

We offer the ability to modify how an outsourced business process is done, enabling companies to react more nimbly to changing market dynamics.

Competitive Advantage

Partnering with us enables an organization to focus more of its resources on operations that distinguish it in the marketplace.

Better Service

Because business processes are our core business, we are well positioned to complete the work with greater accuracy and efficiency.

Access to Innovation

We keep upto date about advances happening in multiple process areas. Hence, we invest in new technologies to improve the quality of the work.

Expanded Coverage

Organizations that need 24/7 call center operations can often quickly gain that capability by partnering with us.

From the most basic to the most advanced

We possess the perfect talent for you

We create human-centric and multichannel touchpoint solutions that engage and bring people together.

We help solve our clients’ key challenges by leveraging our expertise over multiple industries and providing exceptional solutions to accelerate their growth.

The iRT Advantage

We believe that we are your partners in growth and are able to dedicate our focus on maximising the benefits we can provide to you. Our method allows us to be meticulous and pragmatic when providing you with our services to ensure that our relationship grows fruitfully.

Outsourcing is the most cost effective to grow or streamline your business.  We are able to provide you with savings of upto 70% over conventional hiring of employees. Additional savings are guaranteed through reduced overhead costs.

*According to data published by the DCAA.